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A digital and entrepreneurship/employ-ability training for women.

She Loves Innovation – Ho (Volta Edition)

The goal of this training is to equip students with relevant and employable skills for industry. Studies have shown that graduates with digital skills are more likely to find gainful employment than graduates without digital skills. To this end, these training modules have been tailored to the unique needs of young women in Ho.


Course program and outline:

  • Week One – Digital Trends & The Digital Age (online). This course helps participants understand the trends shaping the future of work, life and communication. It opens up conversations around digital marketing skills and opportunities that are currently available and how cohorts can tap into it. Emphasis will also be placed on how to use one phone to be more productive.


  • Week Two – Understanding Digital Marketing (online). This course helps participants understand what Digital Marketing is all about. It will help you understand the best marketing tools to grow your business or personal brand. The concept of digital marketing will be fully understood. You will also have a broad overview on email marketing, social media management, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, web and social analytics as well as eCommerce.


  • Week Three – How to search with Google effectively (online). This course introduces participants to search marketing in the broadest way. You will develop a solid understanding of search engines, digital assistant and voice search. Participants also practically learn Google search tips, tricks and hacks to improve how they search for things online effectively. They will be exposed to the world of Search Engine Optimization for their personal and professional branding.


  • Email productivity essentials (online). This course will help participants understand how to write effective emails, exhibit professionalism and display sound email etiquette. They will also be able to start an email marketing campaign.

Offline Training: June 26th to 29th at the Ho Node Hub, Volta Region.

  • Social Media Marketing (Offline). Social media management seems daunting to lots of people. This course will break the processes down into very easy steps to equip participants with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp for Business and Twitter management skills. Content strategy, content design and scheduling will be taught. Participants leave with practical know how on how to set up social media accounts and manage them professionally.


  • Project Work (offline & online). All participants will be required to complete a project by utilizing any topic they learnt during the course of the training. It has to be practically oriented. Certificates will only be awarded only upon completion of project work. Project topic should be your own business idea or anything new you learnt during the course of the program.

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